Some of the Blapy features used in this demo:

Blapy demos using json data and Mustache Templating engine (3)

The Form updates the "results" block using "updateBlock" blapy event called from a javascript script.

Other demos:

Select values with the json feature of Blapy

Fill the following form:

Choose a firstname: <option value="<%firstname%>"><%firstname%></option>
Choose a lastname: <img src="img/{{lastname}}.png" width="15px"><input name="lastname" type="radio" value="{{lastname}}" {{selected}} onChange="getJson();">{{lastname}}</input>

Blapy Block results in a Table

Blapy Block 2 results in a second Table

Blapy Block 3 results in a third Table

Blapy Block 4 results in a forth Table

Blapy Block 5 results with different output templates

firstTPL 2ndTPL
My firstname is {{firstname}}!<br> My lastname is {{lastname}}!<br>